High-Level of Luxury and Cost in The Miami Penthouse

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Modern Pharrell Williams Penthouse Design

For the youth who loves to listen to music especially hip-hop, I believe you are familiar with Pharrell Williams. He is a famous rapper from America. Here, we will not discuss the Pharrell Williams, but it’s the time for his home. I believe you want to know about his apartment. So, let’s take a look at his awesome Miami penthouse.

His penthouse in Miami, Florida is so big. It has 9,000-square-foot of size.and, if you are asking about if price, I just want to inform you that this penthouse is for sale with $16.8 million of price. Very expensive, but it has everything. More than your expectation about a luxurious penthouse. Or might be you will think that this is the best penthouse ever.

After taking a look at its size, I believe you will agree with me that this penthouse will be big enough to cover your family. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home theater, and many more. Every space in this area if full with the luxury. Using the white as the main color, this big three level penthouse finally seems bigger that its original size. Besides concrete as the main material, it also uses wood as another element in the floor and furniture. It gives the warmness to balance the cold white in the wall.

The designer chooses modern style as the main theme of the home. Even it is filled by the luxury, but the overall look is so contemporary and modern. A big living room is surrounded by the glass walls where you ca enjoy the pretty sea view outside. Outside the penthouse you will get a super big terrace with the outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool is designed with the refreshing green touch from the plant in the edge. Very comfortable, and in this terrace you can get the fresh air and bigger access to enjoy the sea scenery. So, do you ever found something better than this Pharrell Williams penthouse?

Pharrell Williams Penthouse Bathroom Desing

Pharrell Williams Penthouse Design

Pharrell Williams Penthouse Dinning Room

Pharrell Williams Penthouse Kids Room

Pharrell Williams Penthouse Kitchen Design

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