Historic Railway Cottage in The Netherlands

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In this modern era, railway is playing big role in our life. It is not only having big function, but also has unusual design. Then, what if the design is stated in the design of a house? It is presented by the project of ZW6 Interior. The project itself is called by Railway House. Meanwhile, it is located in Santpoort, The Netherlands. So, if you have any attention, just take a look at this area. Then you will find a modern view of a home project. And the most important is that you will interest in it surely.

Firstly, the idea to build the railway is happened in 1867. This time is the start or the beginning of new design in technology. However, the process in building of first railway is in large Cortensteel volume. Moreover, the project is running well. But it does not living for the antique one. It will be the most interesting thing from this place.

If you are looking for a pure and full of characteristic cottage, you can find it here. Furthermore, the old side is also giving you different sensation in having a great living. You can also find long sightlines and a waterfall staircase connecting the various floors. Meanwhile in the basement, you will get nice place to take a rest and completed with bathroom. It is not only that, the exterior side is full of space. So, you have enough room to do everything. Then, in other side, the dining room is linked to the kitchen directly. It will make you easier surely. In this Railway House, or you can named in by railway cottage too, a tough material that is using to build this building is blending with the nice atmosphere in the surrounding. Then, it is continued by the great interior design that is full of varieties.

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