Holland Park Avenue Residence designed with an artistic Touch

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Amazing Family Room Design With A Black Famous Pioano On Wooden Stylish Floor With White Colored Ceilling And Two White Sofa And Two Modern Chair On A White Carpet

An artistic décor can actually add an elegant and lively vibe to your home. Can’t believe it? Well, here is the proof: an enchanting residence designed by DOS architects who used their creative idea to build a home with a truly artistic touch. Located in London, England, this residence is the focal point of the neighborhood. Let’s explore it further, you will be amazed!

The white building has a cheerful and fresh detail: a green overhang. The blooming orchid creates a beautiful vibe. Entering into the living room, the first thing you will notice is a comfy sleek sofa. This space is adorned with a gorgeous fireplace that will create warmth in the cold days. The artistic ambiance is portrayed by the painting on the wall, red patterned rug and luxurious piano. The large LED TV attached on the wall is perfect to enjoy your favorite program.

The kitchen and dining room share the same space. The white theme used in this space is beautifully complemented by the wooden elements, like the table and chair. Another artistic element is the big sized picture on the hallway. The bedroom uses a jeweled theme through the pendant lamp, pink rug and bed, to further emphasize the artistic vibe.

Amazing Family Room Design With A Blakc Long Siofa Anf A Studying Table With A Standing Lamp And A Little Book Shelf And A Black And Whitecurtain Hanging On Before A Big Glasses Window

Amazing Interior Home Design Witha Big Face Painting Hanging On To The White Colored Wall And Ceiling And A Wooden Colored Floor And A Black Modern Piano And A Grey Curtain Covering Transparent Glass Window

Amazing White Big Home Design Beside A Big Grey Building With Sweet Little Garden And A Long Balcony With Black Fence

Comfortable Bathroom Design With Wooden Colored Floor And A Wasttafel With A Big Mirror And A Bath Thub In A Wall Glasses Room And A Nice Shower Hanging In To The White Wall

Comfortable Brown Offical Chair With A Colorful Sateen On A Purple Carpet With A Transparent Glasses Window Covered With Cream Colored Curtain

Gallery of Holland Park Avenue Residence designed with an artistic Touch
Modern living room design with a pair of white sofa with red pillows and two fantastic chairs and a hexagonal balck leg  table in the middle a some furniture hangging on the white wall
Fascinating interior home design with white colored wall and three vases of flower and eight black chairs and a wooden grey table with a sweet white flower and
Amazing interior home design witha big face painting hanging on to the white colored wall and ceiling and a wooden colored floor and a black modern piano and a grey curtain covering transparent glass window
Amazing family room design with a blakc long siofa anf a studying table with a standing lamp and a little book shelf and a black and whitecurtain hanging on before a big glasses window
Exciting home design with a long light grey sofa with two colorful pillows and furnitures hanging on to the white wall with a big TV plasma
Fascinating family room design with a huge bule aquarium and some cute little fish and two blue colored chairs and a table on the sweet carpet and red-banana-like sofa on far side
Fascinating dining room with a wooden style dining table surounded by ten black tables on wooden colored floor and two comfortable singled chairs with standing lamp and a round table
Sweet bed room with a big pinkish bed and a white blanket and light grey curtains covered glassed window and a standing table in the corner and a comfortable brown chair
Amazing family room design with a black famous pioano on wooden stylish floor with white colored ceilling and two white sofa and two modern chair on a white carpet
Sweet dressing room design with a classic mirror hanging on to the white wall and a stylish light fram floating on the cailing and a comfortable balck chair with a table full of cosmetic stuffs
Stunning home design with light grey carpet and a black long sofa and a single modern red soda and a wooden table full of book and
Futuristic home design with two pictures hanging on to white colored wall and ceiling and wooden stylish floor and a stylish red singe sofa
Comfortable brown offical chair with a colorful sateen on a purple carpet with a transparent glasses window covered with cream colored curtain
Comfortable bathroom design with wooden colored floor and a wasttafel with a big mirror and a bath thub in a wall glasses room and a nice shower hanging in to the white wall
Amazing white big home design beside a big grey building with sweet little garden and a long balcony with black fence

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