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Having great home is a wish for everybody, and then just finds fabulous home decor ideas for you. Some home decor ideas and inspiration will give you different sensation in starting it. However, there are many kinds of color to lighting up your home. You can pick the yellow, red, brown, black and white or other neutral color. But how about green color? It is different inspiration.

In some ways, designing or decor the home, you need to suit it with the weather. If the summer comes, surely green color is the match one. And you can bring it to the autumn too. In this post are some gorgeous home decor ideas in green. It’s fun, chic and full of punch! The many shades of green are perfect for every corner of your home. Use it in combination for white or neutral shade for best result.

Furthermore, it is not only designing for a room, you can also conclude the living room, kitchen, patio/porch and bath designs in green color scheme or as an accent color. For example, the green pillow in the living room is so beautiful. The wall is white. The green shadow is presented by the pillows itself.

Then, in other side you have green for the kitchen too. It is quite different with the living room. The kitchen is painted by green color. Vise versa, the furniture of the kitchen is dominated by white color. However, the green color is a calm color. So, what else are you waiting for more? Just pick the green color to get natural theme in your home sweet home. we are so sure that it will make you feel calm too. In other word, may be it is not bad idea to use another color. But try green first. It will green up our life.

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