House in the valley by de Blacam and Meaguer architects

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Do you want to create a home, but confuse how it will be built? Try the design of a house in the valley. It will be a great building for your home surely. Surround by the valley, the home will be a peaceful home and blend with the environment.

The design is made by de Blacam and Meaguer architects. From the picture, we can see that the design is so luxurious. It is a wide house on a wide land. So, it is correct to be placed a big family. The main design of the house is comparing main function home and entertainment. You can see the great terrace that will make you feel relax. Otherwise, it is also having a large swimming pool. This house is located on a north-west facing slope facing into the Atzaro Valley and the settlements of San Lorenzo and Balafia. This is a one-storey dwelling, based on a 3.8m grid, with a L-shaped layout that embraces a swimming pool and a three-bay pergola. A sequence of cubes and porticos with different heights are adapted to the sloping topography.

Moreover, if you need to have a simple interior, this house is exactly had what you want. In simple interior and simple furniture, this home will be a simple and minimalist home, but it is so luxurious. The entrance and rear garden have been carefully designed using dry stone walls and indigenous plants that include a wide variety of Mediterranean shrubs and perennials. An orchard with numerous varieties of deciduous fruit trees, olive trees, jacarandas and an orange grove stand out along the different terraces and enhance the enjoyment of the senses. Then, what are you waiting for? There is no doubt to apply the design to be yours. You will have home sweet home for your family.

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