How to apply Concrete Tiles for a bolder Look

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Amazing Sophisticated Design With Blue Colour And Metal Patterns For Tiling Decoration

These mouth-watering concrete tiles are created by Adi Fainer. They are taken from a highly imaginative mind, through brave action and a rich finish. The mind can never work so fine until it openly looks at what great things it can combine to create a masterpiece. These concrete tiles can be the focal point of any room, and also stand out due to the uniquely amazing components. These tiles are made from the stunning combination of concrete and steel. The wall and hall have never looked so amazing before; thanks to these trendy tiles!

The metal in these concrete tiles is cut with a laser and then mixed well with the concrete. You can easily see how perfect the outer skin is; it’s so shiny. It looks seamless as you place it in your living room or home office along with stylish complementing furniture pieces. The metal plating contains gold, silver and nickel, over 24K anodized in titanium and aluminum. The final look of the tiles is elegantly shown by painting the concrete with the metal. These are the best tiles you’ve ever seen because of their eye-popping, hand-carved details and matched bold materials.

These concrete tiles come in many colors, not only black or metallic. They come in brave or light colors. They are also available in many styles or shapes, with flower and checkered patterns, or even with flaming-like details, perfect for any room or even office area. You can also use these inspiring concrete tiles beside your bed, veranda or office wall.

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