How to choose the perfect Color Scheme for your Home

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Choosing a color scheme for your interiors can be a daunting task. It can be all to easy to get rather confused, and you may end up with a color scheme that falls flat, without making an impression. Therefore, understanding colors and how they work to stimulate the senses in a positive manner is of utmost importance.

The colors that we perceive are created from a mix of three primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are produced from a mix of any two primary colors. When red and yellow are mixed in equal quantities, the result is orange. Tertiary colors are a mix of one primary color and one secondary color.

The power of color is that it can completely alter your experience“, says interior designer Shannon Kaye, “You always want to ask yourself how you want to look and feel in a space“.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect color scheme for your home:

Warm and cool colors

Colors can be classified into warm and cool colors depending on their intensity and the feeling they generate. Shades of yellow, orange and red are associated with the sun and invoke a feeling of warmth. Likewise, shades of blue and green are cooling in nature and associated with sky, water and forests.

Create a balance

When choosing colors from the color wheel, it is important to balance warm and cool colors. A room with only cool colors can feel chilly and depressing, and similarly, warm colors can create friction and anger. Choose a color scheme with either dominant warm or cool colors and balance them with accents of the opposite.

Rule of three

It is important to choose your color scheme in a systematic manner. Start by picking one color that you are drawn towards. This is the dominant color in your decor. This color should make you feel good. Supplement the dominant color with a color that is relaxing like green and a color that is energetic like a shade of orange. Avoid picking more than three colors for your color scheme.

Color for space planning

Depending upon the size of the room, color can create a feeling of spaciousness or coziness. Enhance the size of a small room by choosing a color scheme with cool colors. The likes of blue and green will make the room look larger than it is. For a large room that lacks coziness, make use of warm colors. These colors tend to pull the walls inwards, thus, giving the room a feeling of warmth.

Effect of light

Light plays an important role in enhancing your color scheme. Use warm colors in rooms that do not receive abundant sunshine like bathrooms. Warm colors will make a dark room feel brighter and cheerful. The same colors when used in a room filled with light can feel overwhelming and irritating to the eye. For these rooms, cool colors should be used.

Red-Ornaments-With-Yellow-Painted-WallA shot or two of bright color can transform any room into something very special.

Paint-Color-for-Living-Room-Design-LaurieFlower-023-890x668Green mixed with natural textures and colors adds a soothing effect to this room.

Paint-Color-for-Living-Room-Design-LaurieFlower-021-890x658Black walls are a hot new trend for 2014.

Sleek-Gray-And-Gold-KitchenBlue is a cool color thus, well suited for the kitchen. Mix cool blue shades with warm gold and wood tones.

Green-Bold-Striking-Striped-Wall-Painting-890x988Lime yellow and green are great for a bright yet balanced color scheme.

Room-Color-Schemes-LaurieFlower-016-890x499A small corner in purple adds a punch to this room.

dark-purple-appliance-for-modern-kitchen-advicePantone’s color of the year – Radiant orchid works well for use in the kitchen as an accent.

Living-Room-Color-Schemes-LaurieFlower-009-890x667Warm colors tend to make the room feel cozier but look smaller.

turquoise-color-scheme-for-interiors-bedroomTurquoise and orange make for a lively yet relaxing color scheme.

Paint-Color-for-Living-Room-Walls-LaurieFlower-004When using a neutral color scheme, inject bright colors to add interest.

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