How to create a Zen Home?

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One of the most talked about trends for interior decorating in 2014 is the Zen style of décor. Very simply put, a Zen home means a space that is minimalist and simple. It often translates to a space that is soothing for the nerves and helps you relax in a familiar environment. Here are few easy ways to create a Zen home for yourself:

1. Think minimal

One of the basic fundamentals of Zen decorating is that clutter creates chaos. When the eye focuses on clutter, it disturbs the mind and thus hampers relaxation. The first step to a Zen home is to get rid of clutter. Pack away all the excess ‘stuff” in your home. Clear the mantels, side tables, console tables and other areas. Hide any electronics and its wiring that can create disturbance.

2. Choose furniture with clean lines

When choosing furniture for your Zen home, remember to keep it minimalist. Pick furniture with clean lines. Victorian furniture with its exquisite workmanship is something you should let go of. When choosing upholstery for your furniture look for simple textures instead of intricate patterns and prints. As far as possible, pick fabrics made of natural fiber like cotton, linen, silk and wool.

3. Use soothing colors

Whatever the trend report for color might say, when decorating a Zen home, always stick to neutral colors. They are soothing and refreshing. Even small splashes of bright color can disturb the balance. The colors in Zen decoration are inspired by nature and are meditative in nature, so look for soothing greens, lively blues and earthy browns.

4. Indulge in natural materials

Decorating a Zen inspired space does not mean that it has to be boring and totally décor free. Zen decoration lays great emphasis on decorating with natural materials like stone, wood, metal and plants. If you would like to create an accent wall in your living room, consider using natural river stone to cover the wall. This will add a great texture to the room without disturbing the balance. Similarly, keep potted plants like bamboos and bonsais in your bedroom. Wood and metal make a great combination. The warmth of the wood balances the sheen of the metal.

5. Enhance the sense of smell

When decorating a Zen home, remember to appeal to your sense of smell as well. Use light natural scented candles like bees wax and soy candles in your home. Use reed diffusers and natural scent sprays to keep your home feeling fresh. Keep potpourri in bowls in your bathroom and storage. You can also boil peels of citrus fruits in the kitchen to keep it always smelling fresh and natural.

6. Improve the lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of Zen decoration. Never block any natural sources of light. Open up the windows in the morning to let plenty of day light and fresh air fill your home. This will help in improving the air circulation as well . In the evening, overhead lights will cast dark shadows in the house. Therefore, balance the overhead lights with wall scones. Use dimmers to create soft lighting when required. Light candles and always keep your home well illuminated.

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