How to make a Manhattan micro Loft feel spacious

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Awesome Large Windows On Top With Glass Door For Terrace On Rooftop With White Open Plan Bedorom With Wire For Banister For Black Staircase

In this modern era, there are only limited spaces for you to live in. And mostly, these limited spaces come in small sizes, very difficult to decorate by ourselves. However, you can get some ideas from this Manhattan micro loft that is spaciously constructed only in 425 square feet. Find out how to create this design by yourself!

Specht Harpman Architects designed this loft by finding a solution to create the effect of a normal-sized apartment. Therefore, the design of this loft is made of many layers. You can see a bathroom that is placed under the staircase, while the living room is combined in an elegant way with the kitchen. Even though it is open, you can see how well-arranged the design is.

Many small details are designed in a meticulous way. For example, the loft provides many cabinets and countertops that don’t look stuffy. Even the color scheme is light and airy. The bedroom is placed on the top of the living room. You can imagine the floating sensation you are going to feel if you have this kind of bedroom. The space under the staircase also features a storage. Do you think you can get some inspiration in this loft to decorate your small space?

Clever Creation For Creating Modern Concept For Staircase From Wooden Accent With Banister From Wire

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Gallery of How to make a Manhattan micro Loft feel spacious
Modern design for white kitchen appliances design with nice shelving and aqua sleek backsplash and modern sink also stove
Impressive design for open plan bedroom with stylish bed with black bed frame and staircase with wooden dark brown floor design
Awesome large windows on top with glass door for terrace on rooftop with white open plan bedorom with wire for banister for black staircase
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Clever creation for creating modern concept for staircase from wooden accent with banister from wire
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Cool design for white bathroom decoration with large mirror on wall with stainless steel handle design and wooden floor accent
Nice open plan design for bedroom with black staircase and wire banister and white bed deisgn

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