IKEA Kitchen Planner 2012

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IKEA Kitchen Planner 2012 LaurieFlower 001

Is there any question why we should get much attention to Ikea kitchen planner? So, here you are the Ikea kitchen planner 2012. In fact, it must be thanks to Ikea for giving customer something to do while it wait. However, it is Ikea’s Home Planner and it’s been a huge help for you. You can enter exact room measurements and play around with furniture and layouts for kitchens and dining rooms, for free. It especially works for us since we are planning to use Ikea cabinets, but even if you aren’t, it’s an easy way to play around with different layouts and get some ideas laid out visually.

Moreover, the company was originally planning to keep the current set up of our kitchen, but after looking at a few layouts we’ve decided to swap the location of our oven and add a pantry. So it will now look as above. Furthermore, may be there is problem, in one area in your kitchen such as above the oven where the cabinet dimensions didn’t work out. Then, if you open the link of Ikea, you will find help. You know that on the Ikeafans forum if anyone had cut down cabinets. The next day there were a lot of helpful responses, including one from someone who had completely thought through the layout of our kitchen and suggested a new design that I think we’re actually going with. Thanks random forum guy – you totally changed our layout and improved our kitchen forever!

The next happen, you will be amazed that people answer questions like this on forums for other people, for no reason at all but to help. We can say that it is so cool. Anyhow, the sum answers to our cabinet question: you can’t really cut down double-oven cabinets because the sides would be bare wood and look bad. Instead you need to reconfigure or put in some smaller cabinets with spacers.

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