IKEA Kitchen Planner From otherwise Marvelous Firm

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IKEA Kitchen Planner LaurieFlower 001

Kitchen planners like the IKEA 3D Planner are marketing scheme more than true design appliance. Kitchen designers (excluding for in-store designers at those particular firms) do not use these types of appliance. They are naturally, buggy, and light-weight, they instruct you just to use products from the host firm.

If we discuss the cabinet, it tends to choose in standard size. So, if you drop in a 30” IKEA sink base, you might as well be dropping in a Merillat 30” sink base. In the fact, all of the other counters, flooring, stuff-lighting, and many more feel almost incidental. Once you got the larger spaces blocked out with your cabinets and free-standing items, you’re well on your way.

Why do I Like This Appliance
Items Often Languish in IKEA Kitchen Planner, Declining to be deleted
• Clean interface IKEA. You release having a powerful appliance but get simplicity in return.
• Kitchen planner compliance a shopping list as you drop items into the plan. It’s easy to switch to the itemized view and find out your running total.

Why I Don’t Like It
• Buggy. You have to make an account to keep your plan.
• You cannot “walk-through” the kitchen. You must endure on the outside.
• Small layout area, just about eight inches by five inches.
• No way to pan the “camera” or viewpoint side to side in 3D view.
• Often an “item” (cabinet, appliance, etc.) will decline to be moved or deleted.
• The 3D views don’t look realistic.
• Very limited number of non-IKEA items (floor coverings, colors, etc).

If you are dead-set on buying an IKEA kitchen, then this is a necessary appliance, it locks your right into specific IKEA items.

But if you’re not going in the IKEA direction and just need an online kitchen planner, IKEA’s may be too rudimentary for your needs. You can buy kitchen design software, thus making your kitchen planning brand-agnostic.

Your plan is not tied into IKEA, Merillat, or whomever? There are free kitchen design options, Home Styler by Auto Desk and Google Sketch Up being two prominent examples. Home Styler is about as rudimentary as IKEA’s planner, but Sketch Up is closer to CAD and offers endless possibilities.

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