Impressing Rocking Bed for Your Home

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Making a good bedroom will need many ideas and inspirations. Many inspirations are needed to choose the best design, color, shape, and many more. Including for the furniture. Choosing the furniture for the bedroom is not easy too. We must consider in many things beginning from the functionality, cost, until the shape. A good furniture will be nothing if it doesn’t match with the overall design. And, this rocking bed might be can help you find the inspiration you need.

This pretty design is coming from Shiner International. Created by Joe Manus, this wonderful bed is coming with the outstanding shape. I believe you will be hard to find a bed with a shape like this. This bed is created with the circular shape. It doesn’t have legs under it. But, it features two big rings to replace the function of the legs in holding the overall weight of the bed and the user. For me, it seems like a bed with two huge wheels in the edge.

The bed is coming with the interesting wood material. This material comes with its dark brown color that can bring the warmness into the bed. Combined with the big carbon metal ring frames that have brought the modernity into the bed, I guess the overall design result a very modern and minimalist bed without too much accent. The accent that you can get here is just the natural pattern of the wood. Very simple, but modern to be combined with the mattress in the middle.

If you are afraid about the size, I think you don’t have to worry because it comes with many shape. This bed is available in Twin, Full, King and Queen size. Then, I will tell you how much money that you need to pay for this bed. For the Queen-sized, you have to prepare $ 2995 to get this rocking bed for summer indoors.

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