Impressive Ladder Bookcase Design

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Bookcase And Ladder Modern Design Ideas Integrated In One For Small Space With White Decoration Room

There are many interesting furniture designs that inspire us. One of them is this ladder bookcase. Created by Workstead architects and designers in Brooklyn, this bookcase is a great example of how simplicity can stand out, and make a massive impact. The idea of this ladder bookcase comes from the need to fit furniture pieces in relatively small areas. The shape and placement of this chic bookcase will look great in any interior.

The design of this ladder bookcase allows you to reach the top part of the shelf and go upstairs to your garret. It’s truly impressive in its simplicity and it’s able to give you all the benefits. The bookcase is suitable for either big or small homes. You can easily place it in a small living room, bedroom, or personal working space. The best aspect about this shelf is that you can use it as storage and it looks appealing, like an art piece in your home.

The designs uses metal, making the bookcase strong. It can support the books you place on the shelves but also your weight when you step on it. The bookcase is painted in solid black, making it look more luxurious and easier to be matched with other room components.

This ladder bookcase is very special due to its unique shape. The case design is simple yet classy; its placing it’s ideal and the benefits are many. A very useful furniture piece, right?

White Wall Design And Stylish Bookcase Combine With Ladder For Small Space

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wonderful stylish bookcase and ladder incorporate for small space with wooden pendant lamps
bookcase and ladder modern design ideas integrated in one for small space with white decoration room
white wall design and stylish bookcase combine with ladder for small space

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