Industrial House Décor – the Shadow House with its black Brick Arrangement

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Black Brick And Dacron Accent Design For Stylish Wall Design And Interesting Abstract Art Work

When it comes to house décor there are always new styles to get inspiration from. The newest trend, that everybody is talking about, is the industrial house décor. It may seem a bit weird when we’re talking about an industrial building transformed into a home, but it can be done, quite neatly. This is a great opportunity for any house designer to create a comfortable place for living. The most unexpected thing in this décor style is the material: black brick. The concept of this house creates a shadow house, since the color concept is black.

The exterior of this industrial house is completely black. The style is very minimalistic and it features many windows. The entire exterior of the building uses black brick, while, the interior is made from natural wooden materials combined with a white color scheme for the walls. Since the concept is simple and modern, the use of furniture is also minimalistic. There are only a few furniture sets in this house. The kitchen features a silver design and a pendant lamp. The bedroom has a white bedcover matched to the color theme of the bathroom. It’s so clear and smooth!

This type of design is actually quite rare, but black brick for an industrial house is actually very suitable. Another great detail of this house is the rooftop that uses glass as the main material.

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impressive design for shadow house of black brick with large glass design and modern styles for industrial decor room
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