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Do you have any intention to change your dining room chair covers? Although your dining room chair covers are made by fabric, you still can “change” it into good one. The first step that you can do is adding cinch ties to combat the loose covers. You can make cinch ties to tighten up loosening covers. Select a coordinating heavy-duty cotton fabric. For best results, use home-decor-weight cotton, this will withstand the rigors of daily use. Then just cut two lengths of fabric 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Iron each raw edge of each piece in ½ inch and press into place with an iron set on the cotton-steam setting. Fold each piece in half, lengthwise, and press into place. Sew along all four sides with a ¼-inch seam allowance. Pin a short edge of each tie to the back of your chair so they are about 5 to 6 inches apart, and sew into place. Tie the two pieces together to cinch loose dining room covers securely to the chair.

In the other way, you can also add a simple sash tied around the back of the chair cinches the excess fabric of the chair cover and adds an interesting look to the dining room itself. Furthermore, you can wash your dining room chair covers. Especially for dining room chair covers that is made from cotton. Because it is often lose their shape with time and wear. When washed in hot water and dried on a high-cotton setting, they can retain much of their original shape.

Then for the last alternative, you may alter it. It is a simple way that you can do. For best results, turn each chair cover inside out and replace it on the chair. Use your fingers to gather excess fabric around the edges and pin around the edges of the chair, leaving the excess fabric outside the pins. The pins mark where you will be making your new seams. Carefully remove each chair cover and sew ¼ of an inch outside of the pins, removing the pins as you go, to allow for a slight ease in the fabric, so the chair covers aren’t too tight.

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