Ingenious Wooden Tubs

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There are certain aspects of the home that are just for you. Living rooms, dens, kitchens – those areas are on view for any houseguest or friend who happens by. These areas are typically made to entertain and welcome. But when it comes to the bathroom, this is the inner sanctum of your home: your place to quiet the mind, beautify yourself and rest your soul. Yes, a bathroom can be all of those things and then some, but of course, it all hinges on one thing: décor.

Size and layout are both determining factors in whether this room can be a spa-like palace or a cozy yet elegant version in miniature. But without question, the centerpiece of any bathroom is the tub. The modest tub has undergone a major evolution over the centuries. From little more than a bucket big enough to fit only mere sections of the body at a single time to expansive, water-jet equipped Jacuzzi s that can massage and provide hydrotherapy for even the creakiest of bones, the varieties of tubs in nearly every material imaginable (and practical) are now on the market and up for grabs.

And that is where our post finds its focus today: wooden tubs . It’s easy to conjure up images of the OId West when we hear these two words joined together, but don’t judge too quickly. The wooden tubs of the 21st century are imaginative, functional and alluring to behold. Deep wells of gorgeous rich colors and tones, they make even the most beautiful ceramic or porcelain bath tubs seem rather dull in comparison.

Wooden tubs are styled in a variety of finishes. Depending on your taste, they can be found in high gloss sheens that almost resemble stained glass; rich matte finishes that emanate ultra-natural overtones and semi-gloss coats that strike the perfect balance of the two. The actual color of the wood is also up for your preference. Lighter tones of oak, maple and birch mesh well with pastel palates whereas darker woods like cherry, mahogany or Brazilian walnut look especially rich against vivid colors like emerald green or brick red.

Earthy materials are easily misunderstood when it comes to their décor incorporation. In other words, you don’t have to have a natural-themed home or room to combine two worlds in an attractive, eye catching way. The integration of the natural with the modern is not a terribly new concept but this mash-up has taken firm hold in the modern decorator’s consciousness; styles can be spotted on the pages of everyday home décor magazines and catalogs with easy regularity. Consider the seashell hues or seascape tchotchkes that are paired with chrome finishes and sleek lines or the advent of live moss bathmats with frosted glass shower doors for their backdrop. There is the seemingly ubiquitous coral prints on linen; basically, the combinations of styles are endless.

And now with an emphasis on function and super-luxe ambiance, the wooden bath tubs created by Alegna pictured with this aritcle are the epitome of au natural opulence. Unique styles and shapes, high texture grains and a kaleidoscope of rich mahogany, cherry, maple and oaken colors make these tubs so inviting, that you simply can’t help but look at them and instantly picture yourself floating in a sea of aromatic bubbles. Alegna took their decades of design experience with yachts and created ergonomic, deeply durable tubs that will stand the test of time.

In fact, the proprietary, special finish on these tubs is guaranteed by Alegna to provide “optimal protection” and a long service life. Incredibly spacious, the Alegna line of tubs are perfect for one or two. If the simplicity of the run of the mill bathing tub experience is attractive but you’re still looking for more, Alegna can also accommodate you. The wooden tubs can be supplied as fully equipped Jacuzzis and can also be installed direct into your bathroom, boat or yacht. And if you must spoil yourself, never fear, wooden tubs from their Laguna Spa line come equipped with pebble lined rims. When the water begins to overflow, you may find yourself soothed by the sound of rippling water rubbing against the bright white stones. Always inspired by your personal preferences, Alegna can change these pebbles into any other durable yet elegant material you might prefer.

It cannot be emphasized enough, since the form of each tub is specifically created to cradle the head and body in a way that is luxuriously therapeutic, bathing becomes a full-body experience of utter relaxation. Beautiful on the outside and spectacularly purposeful for its eventual inner contents: you.

The superior craftsmanship is something that can’t just be found at any old home goods store. And there are many copycats out there, but we chose this brand because they are far superior to their competitors.

Another wonderful feature of this brand is that they strive to work with their clients and create the tubs of their dreams. Even if you wish to have the tub personalized to fit your needs, be it size or function, their expert craftsman can work with your specifications.

Specialized artistry would be the best way to describe this company and its products. Not to mention that Alegna was nominated for a German Design award in 2013 and if you love the natural wood inspired style, Alegna also has a variety sinks that would compliment any tub selected.

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