Insights for designing a masculine Bedroom

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Awesome Decoration And Simple Concept For Bedroom With Platform Bed With Shelving For Shoe Racks On Top

Do you want to have a masculine style for your bedroom design? Then, this can be your inspiration. Owned by a famous photographer, Taylor Hoff, this bedroom surely defines his character as a man. With a one space design, he managed to create a room that results in a spacious atmosphere. Shall we look at his brilliant tricks?

The authentic way to make a masculine bedroom is to work with your own hands. That would make an impression of shabby chic, but it’s actually the exact opposite. You can see a manually made closet that can store shirts, shoes and other accessories very neatly. Moreover, by looking at this design, the rusticity can be strongly seen with the wooden flooring, industrial furniture and accessories.

Due to the white walls and industrial touches, you can see how elegant yet minimalist this bedroom design is. The airy feeling that you can see is obtained by the abundant sunlight that naturally comes in. How warm and cozy, right? So, you can get some inspiration for your design, can’t you? Just remember that even though you only have a one space bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything with it. Happy designing and sharing!

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Gallery of Insights for designing a masculine Bedroom
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Awesome decoration and simple concept for bedroom with platform bed with shelving for shoe racks on top
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