Inspiring The Stone Wall Bedroom Details with The Stone

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Bedroom Stone Wall Design

In making a bedroom, every material and element can also be used to make it come perfect. The concrete seems like the favorite material to be used. But, if you think that it is too common and need something else to be applied, there are so many another materials you can use to replace the concrete. For the example are the bricks, wood, and stone. And, here I am coming with a bedroom project that might be can inspire you with its wonderful idea. This bedroom is unique because it uses the stone wall bedroom as the additional pattern of the bedroom.

This wonderful bedroom design is found in a Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy. Basically, this stone wall bedroom is created with the modern design. This modern bedroom is coming with the neutral color combination between the white, grey, black, and soft brown from the wood accent. Here, the cold white walls can be combined well white the stone accents in some sides of the wall. That stone detail has brought the warmness into the bedroom. Very beautiful and seems awesome to be mixed with the lighting above the stone accents. The perfect lighting makes the stone comes striking on this bedroom and make it have the comfortable atmosphere.

The curve accents are standing well on some sides of this stone wall bedroom. The curve is used in the roof, shelve, and table next of the black bed that placed in the middle of this space. That bed seems mixed well with the overall design and the black floor. The shelves are created by using the brown wood material. The designer can manage the space well by placing the shelves on the right site and make it fill the corner of the room. I think this bedroom is a beautiful example to make a good combination between the wood and stone. With the cute pot above the headboard of the bed, the stone wall in master bedroom comes more adorable.

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