Interesting 3D Look of Dinosaur Bed

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Dinosaur Bed Design Ideas

Giving the dinosaur bed inside your kids space can give a wild and boyish look to the room. What about the dinosaur mouth bed? I think this can be an uncommon and crazy dinosaur bedroom ideas. But, this is the best part about creating the kid’s area, right? All kind of ideas are possible to do. We can do anything and free to play with our creativity. And, the dinosaur theme is so exiting and can be a unique theme to be explored.

Kids always love the dinosaur. But this idea is extremely different from what the kids expect. This theme can make the kids have the great experience about sleeping inside the T-Rex mouth, something that will never happen for real. The red bed seems like the real tongue of the dinosaur, so it can make the kids feel like sleeping on the dinosaur tongue.

The topside of the T-Rex mouth seems real with the perfect shape and color. It is hanging to the roof to make it seem like the real open T-Rex mouth. You can see the teeth and the scary tusk that show the real wild character of the T-Rex. Featured with the picture of T-Rex body behind it, this dinosaur bed is getting interesting. It brings the 3D effect to the room.

The picture of mountain with many small dinosaur pictures around it seems match with the overall bed shape. It seems like an area with many dinosaurs and the kids sleep inside the mouth of one of them. I have no more word than creative. The creator had successfully brought the dinosaur world inside this room.

You can see that the bed and accent around it is taking so much space inside this area, right. But the designer knows the best solution for this problem. The answer is by not placing too much furniture. That is the reason why you can only find small table shelves beside it. Good arrangement, right?

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