Interesting Causeway Wooden Sideboard with 3D Accents

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Blue Causeway Wooden Sideboard

In architecture, everything that will be applied on the space must be considered well. Including in choosing the furniture. This is because if we did a mistake in choosing or placing the furniture, your hard work to arrange the space will be useless. The furniture that will be placed inside the space must have the same theme and suitable color. If it doesn’t your space will be looked full and can’t converge because it seems like too many things that stand alone. Here, we have a product that might be suitable for your space. The uniqueness of this Causeway wooden sideboard might be the thing that you need to complete your space.

A table with pattern is common. But, do ever think about a table with 3D pattern above it? If you don’t, just let me introduce this table that named as Causeway. This rocking table is created by Pedro Saousa. Here, Pedro comes with his new table project with the unusual design? Why do I say so? This is because this square table with the wood material comes with the uniqueness detail. It has the square pattern above it. But, here the pattern is created with the 3D look. That pattern gives an uncommon look to this contemporary table.

The all parts of this Causeway wooden sideboard table are made from plywood with the strong structure. Including the 3D square pattern, it is also created from the wood veneer. And, the good news is that you can also choose the colors because they create this table with many colors beginning from the red, green, blue, and the natural wood color. This table can be placed in your home as a sideboard. The unique look and detail will make your space come stylish easily, right? The simple details in this causeway wooden sideboard comes special because of the 3D effect, right?

Causeway Sideboard

Causeway Wooden Sideboard

Causeway Wooden Sideboard By Pedro Sousa

Causeway Wooden Sideboard Details

Wooden 3D Causeway Sideboard

Gallery of Interesting Causeway Wooden Sideboard with 3D Accents

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