Interesting Faucet and Sink design for a beautiful Decor

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Amazing And Amusing Glass Tap With Three Flow

An old fashioned faucet is so yesterday. Modern faucets have a double function: flowing water and as decorations. Many companies compete to make innovations in faucet and sink design, and here are the best of them.

The novel flower faucet, made by Hego is more than elegant. The design is very simple, the sink design features a transparent glass basin, which releases the water flow on the rim. This is what makes the novel faucet elegant. Another elegant faucet and sink design is the one invented by Graff’s Luna. A simple oriental faucet which sticks to the wall in an artful way.

Some other companies have even more innovating products using high technologies for their faucet and sink design. Ihouse creates a faucet that lets you adjust the water temperature to your own preference. This faucet is completed with a touchscreen technology which allows the user to check the calendar, weather and even to access his email. The same innovation was also made by WET. This technology even allows you to experience some sounds in the washbasin. The faucet with the electromagnetic heat sensor is also amazing and the Ripple faucet, looks even more beautiful with its unique light effect.

Attractive And Awesome Black Sink And Metal Faucet On White Wall

Futuristic And Impresive Concept Of Faucet With Playstation Game Concept Made By Steel

Impressive And Futuristic Faucet With Modern Tap Made By Steel And Ceramic Sink

Impressive And Interesting Sink With Steel Faucet On White Walls And Wooden Shelf

Impressive And Modern Faucet Made By Steel With  Interesting Ceramic Basin

Gallery of Interesting Faucet and Sink design for a beautiful Decor
Impressive and interesting sink with steel faucet on white walls and wooden shelf
Impressive and modern faucet made by steel with  interesting ceramic basin
Amazing and amusing glass tap with three flow
Modern and amazing faucet with long tap and black ceramic sink and towel on dark wooden
Modern and elegant auto faucet with steel tap and sink
Impressive and futuristic faucet with modern tap made by steel and ceramic sink
Impressive and modern faucet with red colour on tap and ripple
Modern and amusing design of faucet with shifter tap made by steel
Impressive and modern faucet with blue colour on tap and ripple
Unique and exciting shape of sink with steel faucet and ceramic sink
Unique and inspiring basin with aquarium concept with steel faucet
Futuristic and impresive concept of faucet with playstation game concept made by steel
Interesting and impressive design of bathroom with amazing white ceramic sink and new shape of toilet
Attractive and awesome black sink and metal faucet on white wall
Remarkable and impressive metal ring faucet with metal tap and sink
New impressive concept of faucet with glass vas and flower with steel

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