Interesting Jungle Bathroom Collection

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Jungle Bathroom Collection

Nature is a never ending inspiration for the designer. Many things can be used as the main idea to creating something. The trees, flower, animals, sea, and many more can be a good theme for your bathroom. Combined with so many materials that available and can be used and mixed, the other thing that will appear is nothing, but the wonderful product. Another unique bathroom concept with the unique natural theme can be found easily inside this jungle bathroom collection.

All of these products are coming from Italy. The talented designers from Ceramica Cielo realizes it very much and they have maximize the idea that they get from the nature into this awesome design of bathroom utilities. They have found a wonderful way to create the fashionable bathroom utilities with the ceramic material. In creating their products, they use modern technology in it production process to get the stylish look.

The ceramic is used as the main material. To make the natural touch that can suddenly make your bathroom change into a wild jungle, they have another idea. The use the uncommon skin accent into their bathroom utilities. The skin of the snake and crocodile are not only for the bags or another girls stuff. Here, they bring it all into your bathroom utilities. Of course it is not the real snake or crocodile skin. In this project, they use their skin pattern as the decorating detail of their product. Bathtub, sink, closet, every stuff inside this bathroom collection are using the same detail. Finally, all of them result the impressing and classy look. If you hate the natural color of the animal skin, the designer has prepared many color option for you. So, don’t be shocked if suddenly you find the bathtub with the snake accent, but in a very chic red color inside this jungle fashion bathroom.

Jungle Bathroom Collection By Ceramica Cielo In Coco Blanc

Jungle Bathroom Collection By Ceramica Cielo In Coco Noir

Jungle Bathroom Collection By Ceramica Cielo In Dundee

Jungle Bathroom Collection By Ceramica Cielo In Iguana Ice

Jungle Bathroom Collection By Ceramica Cielo In Iguana White

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