Interior decorating according to a Theme

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Setting a theme for your home’s interiors is a good way to bring out your personality, feel loved and impress guests. But interior decorating according to a theme takes time and patience.

A big mistake that many people make when interior decorating with a theme is making their rooms look staged. Such spaces do not communicate any personality, and instead, can be overbearing. To avoid these mistakes here are six steps to help you create and decorate your interiors according to a theme:

Make a blue print

The very first step is indeed creating the theme. Planning is the key to interior decorating with balance and finesse. Take a scratch pad and sketch your vision of the theme. Do you love a particular color or are you leaning towards a nautical theme for the living room? Look at pictures on the internet for the ones that inspire you and think about what you like in those pictures. Make a list of anything that you might need to replace or invest in. It is a good idea to tackle one room at a time instead of all at once.

Lay the groundwork

Laying the groundwork essentially means prepping up the room for its new makeover. Move the furniture to a storage and stash away any décor items. If you wish to replace the T.V units, add something etc. do it now. Start by painting the room with your chosen colors.

Consider Your Needs

Once the room is prepared, it is time to decorate. From your chosen theme, evaluate your needs. For example, you will need a couch and a coffee table in the living room room. Everything else is a want rather than a need. Check if your existing sofa and coffee table fit in your theme. If not, you could replace the upholstery or look for new ones.

Add pattern, color and texture

Pattern, color and texture will make your room come alive. Whether your style is minimalistic, mid-century modern, or futuristic, you will require these three elements to add depth and dimension to the décor. Bring in the color with pillows, throws and décor. You can choose a mix of patterns and solids. Add the texture with faux fur rugs, natural jute woven baskets or a textured wall paper. Add and edit your décor until you are satisfied with it. Remember the principle of decorating in threes. A grouping of three similar elements is restful for the eyes.

Create an anchor

An important element in your interior decorating is the focal point of the room. Every room should have a focal point that ties the room together. It allows the eye to focus on the room as a whole. Create a focal point with a large, colorful picture, an antique rug or a coffee table.

Add some life

Finally, make your room feel lived in and loved. Plants work like magic in this regard. Look for indoor potted plants that do not require direct sunlight. Add a bunch of fresh flowers or a few twigs of greens. You can also create an indoor terrarium.

Small-Cozy-Living-RoomThis room may be small but it has a well- traveled feel to it.

Modern-Contermporary-White-Blue-Living-Dining-Areas-890x500The straight lines lend a Zen feel to the living room. Notice how texture has been used abundantly to add depth to a minimalistic room.

Impressive-wine-cellar-with-awesome-colorful-pendant-lamps-with-bottle-racks-and-classic-carved-doorThis bar is decorated with a Moroccan/ Middle eastern theme.

Luxury-Dining-Room-Sets-LaurieFlower-005A dining room for those with a taste in luxury. Once again, texture plays a huge role in this picture.

Monochrome-Penthouse-bachelor-pad-ideas-living-roomThe monochrome color scheme makes this an ideal bachelor pad.

Picture-of-french-provincial-bedroom-furniture-laurieflower-018-890x667Here is a room decorated with a French provincial theme.

Oriental-Rattan-hanging-chair-for-living-roomThe hanging chair here if the focal point of this very modern room.

modern-rustic-country-bedroom-decorating-ideas-with-stone-wall-and-fireplaceHere is an example of a rustic bedroom.

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