Sophisticated Interior Design by Karim Rasyid

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Candy Motif For The Kitchen Bar With Unique Roof And White Desk Bar And Two Little Black Chair And There Gold Sofa In The Pink And White Floor

In today’ post we are talking about sophisticated interior design elements created by Karim Rasyid. His concepts and ideas are truly unique, beautiful and colorful. Karim Rasyid is not afraid of strong colors. As you can see in the pictures below, we featured exquisite decorations in stunning hues like the ones in the bar. These glossy pieces will create a fancy feel in your interior design.

Besides the colorful bar decorations, there is also a gorgeous green decoration, incorporated in a bright white decor for a restaurant interior. To enliven this space and create a feminine look, the designer used pink to color one wall. Another great pink decor is used for a bathroom interior design. Here, the beautiful pink is complemented by gorgeous gray an white shades.

Karim Rasyid also designs some stunning furniture pieces: sofas, lamps, both pendant and chandelier, chairs, stools, and so on. To keep his personality in the designs, he utilizes and combines alluring colors to create exquisite furniture pieces. By looking at the images below, you might think about redesigning your interior using this type of  furniture. Or, you might want to have an exact replica of this type of interior design. Why not? Try it and don’t forget to share the results!

Colorfull Chair With Unique Design  For Modern Home Design Furniture

Colour Motif For Wallpaper With White Basic For Home Wallpaper Design

Cutest Cream Sofa In The Cream Carpet On The Wood Floor With Modern Little Square Lamp With Glass Window And White Curtain Closed

Ethnic Pattern With Soft Colour In The Desk With A Pot Of Flower Also There A Magazine Too And There A Red Sofa With Some Pillows And A Unique Decor In The Corner

Miror On The Grey Wall With Three White Spiral Decor And The Wood Floor Also There A Unused Firebox For Bookchase

Gallery of Sophisticated Interior Design by Karim Rasyid
ethnic pattern with soft colour in the desk with a pot of flower also there a magazine too and there a red sofa with some pillows and a unique decor in the corner
modern lamp in the silver colour with black cable on the white desk and grey background for modern home design
simple bathroom in pink and silver colored with a white and pink bath also a washbasin and black showers with pink carpet in the silver floor
three logam chair in difference colour in the grey floor also white wall for unique home design
candy motif for the kitchen bar with unique roof and white desk bar and two little black chair and there gold sofa in the pink and white floor
colour motif for wallpaper with white basic for home wallpaper design
unique sofa in purple colour with pink button and white base in the white background for home furniture
white lamp with cross motif and logam line also magazine in the wall for cool home design
miror on the grey wall with three white spiral decor and the wood floor also there a unused firebox for bookchase
unique green chair with some plants in the glass bowl also there two glass window with green curtain and some of white decor on the white shelf
cutest cream sofa in the cream carpet on the wood floor with modern little square lamp with glass window and white curtain closed
sweet dining room with cutest motif roof and some green chair with green dining on the white desk also a pink wall beside the glass window with white curtain
colorfull chair with unique design  for modern home design furniture

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