Interior Design for Living Room by Daniel Hopwood

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If you see the picture, it will make you amaze. As you see, the main part of the design of the house is concern to the furniture and the interior design. Basically, this is an apartment that is placed on the first floor of a building with a Georgian façade situated close to London’s Regents Park. So, do you interest enough for this house?
Additionally, the apartment overlooks a street lined with late 19th century red brick mansion blocks that have terracotta, stone and render detailing. Then, the space is divided into three rooms, one with an open-plan kitchen leading into a reception room that has 16-foot [5 meters] high ceilings. A mezzanine overlooking the double-volume space has been configured as an additional study area.

The kitchen of the house was relocated from a room at the rear of the apartment and repositioned into the apartment’s large reception room. This emancipated the smaller room from its functional use and allowed it to be transformed into a second, albeit smaller, reception room. Meanwhile, Bespoke kitchen fittings were designed in white melamine with work surfaces fabricated in Corian®. Aluminium shutters hide appliances in order to give the space a minimalist appearance. Tucked under the overhanging mezzanine, the kitchen merges unobtrusively into the double-volume reception space.

In contrast to the light-filled, double-volume reception area, the space where the kitchen had previously been located was given an altogether different aesthetic. Now used as a library and reading room, the room’s walls were painted charcoal grey, shelving covers an entire wall, and lighting was designed to be moody and subdued. A window was removed and replaced by sliding doors to a terrace, which was landscaped. Are you sure not interesting enough seeing the design? We guess not, because the house is having amazing design to apply for our dream home. Even we can say that spending time here will be a great time.

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