Intoxicating modern Villa with a sophisticated design

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Amazing Villa Design With Floating Room Like A Bridge With Glass Sliding Door

It’s not a secret that a villa must have a sophisticated design, both on the inside and outside. More than that, the location, environment and also the views around the villa should be taken into consideration. To give you some inspiration we found this intoxicating villa which looks very modern from every angle.

This ingeniously built villa is located in Phuket, Thailand, and it’s called the Mayavee Villa. Crafted by Tierra Design, the building is beautifully complemented by the refreshing green scenery and the blue ocean. This combination really makes you’re stay here wonderful. Made of wood, glass and concrete, and also granite cobbled, the walls of the Mayavee villa are just perfect for this four leveled building.

The interior décor is as captivating as the exterior. From the bedroom, the guests can feast their eyes with the beautiful panorama of the ocean and green areas. The furnishings that are used to adorn the bedroom are truly modern. Moreover, the bathroom design accentuates the contemporary feel of the interior décor.

In order to make this villa even more fabulous, the staircase is designed in a spiral form. There are also pools available for guests who want to swim and a pond that is stunningly designed to reinforce the relaxing sensation of this villa. Don’t forget to pin your experience!

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