Intoxicating Villa Design with an antique vibe

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If you’re looking to design your villa in an ingenious and alluring way, get some inspiration from this intoxicating villa design in Italy. It utilizes wood and concrete to create an interesting contrast and it features beautiful natural views. There is also a great outdoor space that is great to relax.

Intoxicating Villa Design with an antique vibe

This villa design features an interior with a rustic theme, floor to ceiling. The natural ambiance is reinforced with textured stones. The whole décor is interesting and unique. The furniture is elegant and it beautifully complements the villa design.

To balance out the furniture design and the architecture, this villa design utilizes neutral hues like white and pastel shades that further emphasize the classy ambiance. These alluring colors are perfectly complemented with dark lines on the bed, walls, pillows and floors. More than that, the villa design features interesting paintings and beautiful accessories in its interior.

This villa design has a living room, dining room and a kitchen. It also has an antique bistro which is decorated with cozy chairs. In addition, the bathroom is designed simply with a beautiful tub and an interesting arrangement. Would you consider spending your vacation in this villa? Share your thoughts!

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Intoxicating Villa Design with an antique vibe
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