Jewelry Lamp fabulously Designed by Marina Toscano

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Awesome Big Luxury Lamp Decorating With Round Like A Diamons Material So Beautiful For Home Design By Gallery Verti Darte

Are you planning to change your lighting? Check out this interesting jewelry lamp designed by Marina Toscano. This fabulous lamp offers an overwhelming lighting in any space, and it will add an elegant touch to any room. This unique jewelry lamp will leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters your home and I’m sure you’ll enjoy spending time in a room so beautifully lit.

The lamp is designed in white and it features jewelry like decorations. It uses many types of jewels to create different lighting effect in the room. There are round and curved jewels and they all reflect the light brightly. It can be easily hanged on any ceiling due to its round base. This jewelry lamp is perfect for any romantic setting.

You can also play with its length, for example in the dining room, you can hang it right above the table. You can also use it in the kitchen, but here you need to consider placing it somewhere to avoid any disturbance while cooking. So, are you feeling tempted to use one of Marina Toscano’s fabulous jeweled designs? Don’t forget to share your decors!


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Gallery of Jewelry Lamp fabulously Designed by Marina Toscano
Awesome big luxury lamp decorating with round like a diamons material so beautiful for home design by gallery verti darte
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