Kitchen decor Trends for 2014

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Kitchen Makeover Ideas 2014 5 Via Caesarstoneus

If you are thinking of updating your kitchen decor in the New Year, we have a concise list of trendy ideas for your kitchen makeover. Keeping up with the trends is a sure shot way of making your kitchen look fresh and up to the minute. Here are our top 5 kitchen decor trends that will help you re-decorate.

Ceiling high cabinets

Cabinets that rise from the floor and touch the ceiling are the way to go for kitchen decor in 2014. Instead of placing cabinets all over the kitchen, floor to ceiling cabinets help create a more open kitchen that has abundant breathing space. A single floor to ceiling cabinet can accommodate all your kitchen utensils, kitchen linen and even cook books. The cabinet can also act like a divider in case you want to close the kitchen from the rest of the room.

Glass splash backs

We are witnessing an increased interest in using glass for kitchen decor. Toughened glass is everywhere – from cabinets to stove tops. Glass back splashes are the next new trend to watch out for in the coming year. Glass reflects light and makes the kitchen appear brighter. Pick your favorite glass back splash from a single slab of glass to small glass tiles and even custom glass patterns. It is easy to clean and maintain as well.

Recycled kitchen counters

With the world laying great emphasis on sustainable materials, kitchen designers are now voting for recycled kitchen counters. Instead of investing in stone quarried from the earth, look for eco-friendly options like recycled glass counters, bamboo counters and even counter tops made with recycled paper. Contrary to popular belief, recycled counters are sturdy and easy to clean. These are long lasting and easy on the pocket.

Touch faucets

Do you often struggle with cleaning faucets after a hard day of baking and kneading pastry dough? Then touch faucets are perfect for you. Kitchen appliances have become much smarter, why should the faucets be left behind. We love the feel of a fully automated kitchen! Touch faucets work like a breeze and are easily activated with a single touch. These are contemporary and minimalist and give your kitchen a sleek, sophisticated edge.

Glass door cabinets

Why hide your expensive china behind closed doors? Glass front cabinets give you the option of beautifully arranging and displaying your dinnerware, glasses, ceramics etc. You can also match the inside of the cabinet to the colors in your home decor. Glass doors give a small kitchen the visual effect of being larger, fresher and airier.

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