Lavish Apartment design in bright white with colorful Furniture

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Attractive Room With Windows And Modern Stylish White Sofa And Round Table With Floor Lamp

This magnificent private apartment is located in New York. The main color used in this apartment design is bright white, but there are also colored accents in the furniture and ornaments. There are also many stylish elements used in this apartment design like the gorgeous pendant crystal lamp or the dark gray rug in the living room, that creates minimalist effects. In contrast, the gorgeous red table is the perfect modern element in the room, that adds a pop of color to the interior. The black and white bookcases are perfectly placed as partitions between the reading room and the living room.

This apartment also features a laundry room and an outdoor garden and it’s completed with a kids’ room and a fitness center. The dining room has is elegantly designed with a glass table set with unique chairs. The modern vibe is emphasized by the pendant lamp hanged above the table.

On the other side, the kitchen is especially designed with marble and wooden stools. The bright white bedroom subtly hints of a royal bedroom. It is perfectly complemented by the dark blue sofa. The bathroom is wonderfully designed to exude coziness, complete with a bath tub and a walk-in closet all covered in glamorous white. Don’t you just love this gorgeous apartment design?

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Gallery of Lavish Apartment design in bright white with colorful Furniture
Attractive room with windows and modern stylish white sofa and round table with floor lamp
Fascinating bedroom with blue sofa bed and carpet with bed and pillows with cool table lamp and shelves
Impressive spacious and colourful decoration with fur rug and stylish sofa with crystal pendant lamp and glass dining table with kitchen cabinet
Cool and awesome room with fur rug and sofa with cushions and crystal pendant lamp with glass dining table and chandeliers
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Interesting decoration with white and bright design with fur rug and stylish sofa and coffee table and arm chair with bookshelf and red table
Exciting marmer table with bar stool and kitchen sink and modern stove with backsplash and sliding door

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