Living Room and Dining Room Combined Trick for A Tiny Space

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When people live in a small space and home, they will try to find some ways to help them out from this terrible condition and get a better look. Many of tricks are used to hide the fact and real condition about their tiny space. Many things beginning from creating some open spaces, using the neutral colors, even using the big mirror and glass are chosen to help them up. This is important because mostly the small space can’t accommodate their need. The other thing they can do is by combining and mixing two different space with two different function in the same place. Something like this is working enough and helpful to bring you the bigger look. And, here I have prepared some living room and dining room combined space to help you find some inspirations.

The main concept of these arrangement is creating two different space with the different function without any divider. The challenge is finding the way to make them seem separated even they are on the same place. The easiest way is by gathering each group of furniture which have the same function. You need to make a space between the living room furniture and the dinning room furniture too. Something like this will make your space bigger because basically, you are using the size of two spaces.

Because the main problem is about the limited space, they designers here apply the neutral colors as the main theme of the space. The colors like as white, grey and brown are filling the space well with the warm wood floor. These spaces also choose the modern furniture to bring the functionality for these spaces. The simple and plain furniture seems very suitable for the space with the limited size because they will not make the space seem full and crowded. And, that is what the small space need especially for the tiny home which has the dining and living room combination.

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