Living Room Decorating Ideas : House 0605 by Simpraxis Architects

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House 0605 By Simpraxis Architects LaurieFlower 001

Do you have idea to make living room decorations? The picture is shown the living room decorating ideas. It is the great design for your dream house. Surely, based on the design, it is made for young couple and the kid. Besides, the house is modern in the interior design. Also, it has though pillar.

When you see the design of the house, the interplay between indoors and outdoors within the residence, as well as the variable relationship between the house and the neighborhood, are themes investigated in this project. It is not only that, a system of sliding perforated metal panels on the street facade, retractable shading devices on the upper floor as well as curtains on the ground floor can determine the house’s relationship with the street but also between the different functions within the residence.

Moreover, the living area, kitchen, and circulation areas surround the outside courtyard on three sides. This allows for visual contact and movement between the different spaces and encourages the integration of outdoor space into the occupants’ daily life. And then, the kitchen protrudes into the yard, thus creating a communal center, surrounded by the courtyard space. Also, the courtyard is enveloped by the upper floor which contains the master bedroom and their circulation corridor.

Meanwhile, the overhanging bedrooms provide peripheral shading around the kitchen, thus creating a more effective relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Then, the living room located on the southern road boundary, creates an intermediate space between the public street and the courtyard within the house. The living space can be enclosed or it can function as a transition space between the road and the courtyard. A two-story high entrance space allows southern sunlight into the ground floor common spaces as well as the master bedroom. What a great design, isn’t it? You can apply it for your home. We are sure that it will give you a different sensation of a home among others.

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