Loft Bed Design for The Modern Adult

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Casual Loft Beds Design

People always have the same problem about making a great bedroom in the small, and this loft bed design will be a good consideration for you. These loft bed integrated designs are so working and helpful because the bed is arranged vertically, so it will give you two spaces in a very small area. And, the loft bedroom modern designs here are coming with the simplicity without too much accent. Very simple and practical.

These lofts bedroom has enough space for you to put some furniture such as the table or working area right under the bed. Very helpful when you are stuck in a super limited area. Who says that loft bed is so childish? This awesome bed design from Remodelista has proven us that this opinion is totally wrong. The loft bed here comes in super simple and minimalist style and very suitable for the many bedroom theme no matter for the kids or might be adult.

You will find so many types of loft bed. Beginning from the simple one without too much accent with very simple shape until the loft bed that also can form a room. So, the room behind it is hidden. It is based on your taste, the open loft bed or might be the closed loft bed. Combined with the metal material and wood accent on the floor, I believe these loft bed will be so great to be applied in your modern bedroom.

To reach these bed, it has a stairs to bring you up. The simple and minimalist stairs will be the best stairs for the adult. Don’t put too much accent if you don’t want to make your room seem childish. Colors also play here. The cold colors such as white might be the best color for the adult. But, if you want to get the small touch of freshness, another colors such as green, blue, pink, or might be purple is not bad. It will be great to bring the fresh touch into the room, right?

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