Loft Bedroom Condo, The Solution for Small Area

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Cantilevered Loft Master Bedroom Condo

If you live in a small area with limited space, you should maximize all the available spaces even just little such as creating a loft bedroom in your condo. This loft master bedroom refab can be a good example for you who are interested in this idea. The cantilevered loft master bedroom condo can be a good example for this case.

This smart idea is a good solution to the small area that can cover two different function in the same time. For example, in the picture you can see that the creator can make a small space into a form of bedroom that can cover the main bedroom for the parents and the cribs for the kids. It is just divided by the hanging wood floor that linked to the roof.

Takes place in the Montreal, Canada, the space in this area might be not big enough to be used as two bedroom for the adult and their kids. So, the owner decides to making this awesome bedroom with the vertical arrangement. This unique bedroom comes with the unique combination between the wood floor, wood roof, metal, and concrete wall can perfectly create the amazing bedroom with the modern and minimalist look. Ateliers MC makes the metal frames to make a new space above the kids area between the white painted walls. So, the parents can climb on the top after their kids sleep. The brick on the wall is also painted in white color to give the pretty decorating accent inside the room. Still, it will be so much better than the empty white walls, right.

You ca see that another area of the home like as the kitchen is also created in the same theme. Modern rustic theme with many wood accents. Unique, right? Something like this can also be used to minimize the space need.

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