Luxurious Contemporary Getaway with The Wonderful View

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A Look At The Lombok Island On Which The Villa Is Nestled Luxurious Contemporary Getaways

Indonesia is a famous holiday destination in the South East Asia. Inside this country there are so many tourism destination. One of them is Lombok. Lombok is an island which is well known with its awesome and wonderful beach. This place serves the interesting thing because the beach that can be found in many sides of this area are still virgin. Because of the development of the tourism industry in this place, there are so many hotels, villa, and gateway with the interesting service which offered to their local and foreign tourist who come here. One of them is this luxurious contemporary getaway.

The Villa Sapi is a creation of a talented designer from Canada. Here, he uses the modern design as the main theme of his project. He also combined the wood, concrete, and glass to form this villa. Eve so, he also uses the traditional details in some spaces. I can say that the traditional touch and modernity can stand together. Just like what you can see. The main point of this island is the sea. It means, the power of this luxurious contemporary getaway place is on the beautiful natural environment around it. That’s why he uses the glass in the walls of the Villa Sapi. The function is to give access for the customers to enjoy surroundings.

Some places here re coming with the modern style where you will find the neutral colors with the minimalist furniture. But, some of them buildings are coming with the traditional look to remind us about where we are. The combination between both of the finally mixed with the green environment which seems united with the white sand outside this luxurious contemporary getaway in Indonesia. I can’t say nothing but spectacular! I think this rocking place will give you an unforgettable holiday experience here. So, do you have any ideas to visit this exotic place in Indonesia

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