Luxurious Kensington House with a Glamorous Interior Design

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Amazing And Luxurious Room With Swimming Pool And Metal Carved Pillars With Green Cushions And White Sofa With Chandelier And Wall Hangings And Ellipse Mirror

The Kensington House is one of the prestigious houses designed by SHH architects. Having a luxurious concept in mind, the designers created a glamorous interior design for this palace-like home, with detailed and beautiful ornaments. The house has one reception, one large formal dining room, a comfortable family room, a modern entertainment room, six elegant bedrooms and one big, incredible indoor pool, all in one building. Located in London this townhouse is one of the most prestigious living place in UK.

The first thing you see when you enter this house is the amazing reception. This interior design really looks like a seven star hotel. This large area follows a white theme, featuring big white sofas in two different spaces, a glass table and a white large carpet. The most vocal part of this room is the big pendant lamp, made of glass, with crafted detailed ornaments. The family room is equally amazing. A big white comfortable couch and a white carpet perfectly match the soft brown theme of the room. The elegant wall units feature a big compartment perfect of fit a big plasma TV.

There are six bedrooms in this house. All of them feature different themes but are equally beautiful. The master bedroom consist of one king size bed. Another has two beds under a red bedcover. The most luxurious point of the interior design of this house is of course the indoor swimming pool. It is big, elegant and private.

Amazing And Outstanding Glass Study Table With Glass Carved Chair And Glass Vas And Flowers With Metal Arch Lamp And Curtain And Bag

Amazing Idea For New Design Of Dining Room With Crystal Pendant Lamps And Wooden Floor And Glass Dining Table And Cream Coloured Of Chairs And Kitchen Cabinet With Dark Wall

Cheerful Bedroom Concept With Interesting Colour And Flowery Carpte And Maroon Sofa And Floor Lamp With Two Bed And Maroon Pillows And Pendant Lamp And Metal Short Drawer

Exciting White Room For Family Room With White Fur Rug And Sofa With Cushions And Big Circle Mirror And Arm Chair And Amusing Coffee Table And Short Buffet And Chest Of Drawer On Wall

Extravagant And Luxurious Bedroom With Big Bed  And Pillows And Bed Cover With Metal Tabel And White Wooden Chairs And Crystal Wall Lamp And Pendant Lamp With Metal Cupboard And Vas

Gallery of Luxurious Kensington House with a Glamorous Interior Design
Extravagant and luxurious bedroom with big bed  and pillows and bed cover with metal tabel and white wooden chairs and crystal wall lamp and pendant lamp with metal cupboard and vas
Amazing and outstanding glass study table with glass carved chair and glass vas and flowers with metal arch lamp and curtain and bag
Luxurious design near swimming pool with metal pillars and white room with addition of white sofa and green cushions with chandelier
Lavish and extravagant for kids room with blue motif curtain and blue arm chair and white rack with white and blue motif cushion andwhite wooden cupboard
Gorgeous dining room with captivating crystal pendant lamps and glass dining table and chairs and white chimey and big window and grey long curtain
Plush bedroom with interesting and classy design interior with white chair and white bed near window and table lamp and two cream cupboard and black table
Inspiring and cozy room with white sofa and cushions with white unique arm chairs and glass coffee table and crystal pendant lamp and white fur rug and white long curtain
Amazing idea for new design of dining room with crystal pendant lamps and wooden floor and glass dining table and cream coloured of chairs and kitchen cabinet with dark wall
Amazing and luxurious room with swimming pool and metal carved pillars with green cushions and white sofa with chandelier and wall hangings and ellipse mirror
Exciting white room for family room with white fur rug and sofa with cushions and big circle mirror and arm chair and amusing coffee table and short buffet and chest of drawer on wall
Cheerful bedroom concept with interesting colour and flowery carpte and maroon sofa and floor lamp with two bed and maroon pillows and pendant lamp and metal short drawer
Glamorous and plush reception room with white sofa and cushions with white fur rug and glass table and lavish crystal pendant lamp and amusing rack on wall
Gorgeous white reception room with white sofa and cushions with dark glass table and white fur rug and white rack with painting and plush crystal pendant lamp

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