Luxury and Fancy Style Behind Black Pearl Chalet Home

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Ample Natural Ventilation At The Holiday Cabin In Black Pearl Chalet Home

When the Christmas comes and the snow falls from the sky, that will be a great time to leave the city. Some people will not pass it without doing this activity. Ski! The Alps seems like a great destination for that. The Alp in the winter will serve the awesome ski adventure experience for you. And, if you are interested to this type of holiday and looking for a place to stay, here I know I place which can give everything you need and everything you want about the luxury. Let me say,”Welcome to the Black Pearl Chalet Home! A little paradise!”

This place is created by Philippe Capezzone. This unique place is created with the traditional theme. Even so, the overall arrangement is very far from the boring impress. This Black Pearl Chalet Home has a very luxurious and fancy look. Because of the environment is filled by the snow, the designer uses wood as the main material to create the warmness. It works well and seems united with the main theme above. The interior decoration is very inviting and it can serve the warm well. Inside this place, you will find five bedrooms, big dining room, a super comfortable living room, modern kitchen and luxurious patio.

Each side is created with the awesome design. But, my favorite one is the kitchen. This place comes with the modern look which dominated with the black color and steel utilities. This place uses the black and white pattern of tiles on the floor. It can fill the space beautifully with the flashy steel around it. All of those combinations seems unique for me. Another interesting place is the indoor swimming pool. This place is created with the round shape which brings the luxury into this space. With the awesome lighting above, it is another reflection of luxury inside the Black Pearl Chalet style home designs. It’s not only very interesting, but this place is so inviting too, right?

Bathroom With Large Stone Bathtub In Black Pearl Chalet Home

Black Pearl Chalet Home Living Room

Contemporary Bathroom Design In Black Pearl Chalet Home

Ergonomic And Spacious Dining Area Black Pearl Chalet Home

Glassy Gateway To The Interior Pool At Black Pearl Chalet Home

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