Luxury Backyard Designs with The Modern and Green Touch

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Beautiful Backyard With Luxury Patio Luxury Backyard With Natural Design

For some people, making the green environment around of their home is a must. It is important not only for the health, but also for their psychological. The green and refreshing area is important to help reducing their stress. That’s why many people finally create a yard in heir home. Especially if they have kids. Yard can be a good place for their kids to play around. Yard can be placed as the front yard and backyard. Of course we can’ use the same way to make them because both of them are different. And, our topic today is about the backyard. Here, I have a review about the inspiring luxury backyard designs for you which might can help you find some inspirations.

The backyard creation from a corporation from Dutch, Centric Design Group has a unique combination between the modernity and green environment. The luxury backyard designs here are mostly created with the modern look. In the picture, you will find the interesting modern outdoor backyard with the domination of the stone. Even it seems very with the stone, the designer also uses another material like as the wood. The swimming pool here is surrounded by the small stones which placed around it. I will say that this yard is so awesome because the modernity from the stone can perfectly blend with the green walls with the plants on its surface. A big tree is also put in the middle to refresh the air around it. Very luxurious, but also refreshing.

In the other sides of the backyard, you will find a big terrace, which is mostly created from the wood with the big roof above it. Here, the designer also puts a big bathtub where you can get some spa. The comfortable L shaped sofa is also placed here to give you a place where you can enjoy the fresh air and supervise your kids. Different from the first one, this area is dominated by the wood. The designs bring the natural look inside the modern and luxury backyard with natural designs.

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Luxury Backyard With Natural Design

Gallery of Luxury Backyard Designs with The Modern and Green Touch

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