Magical Attic Apartment with Masculine Influences for The Designer

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Bathroom Attic Apartment With Scandinavian Design

There are so many things that we can do with the attic. Some people decide to make it into a simple storage space. In another hand, for the smart designers, they will do something else. Some of them decide to make a bedroom on it. And, for another people they create something bigger such as an apartment in the attic of the building. And, these pictures can prove to you that their smart idea is so working well. These pictures can show you that the attic can change into an attic apartment with the masculine influences.

For the people who love the Scandinavian design, this apartment will be interesting for you. This apartment is created with the brilliant ideas of Jimmy Schonning, a very talented designer. Here, you will not only see his creation, but also his own apartment where lives. His apartment is a 495 square meters attic loft is that comes with a super stylish design and wonderful arrangement. The Scandinavian design is coming with the modern touch and up-to-date furniture. It is also covered with the masculine accent to represent the owner’s personality. You can see that this apartment is combining the white, black, and green with the warm wood floor.

Even so, the modernity still appear well from the furniture and the glass accent. The glass is used in the walls with the large size. So, it will give you many access to enjoy the scenery and bring the sunlight. The attic shape still appear, but the designer can maximize it as a decorating accent. So, it finally can give an unique look for the space. Besides that, the other details that you can get here is the tiles that fill some parts of its walls. Very interesting, modern, and unique. The attic apartment with Scandinavian design can bring something new for your interior inspiration.

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