Making Your Own Functional Walker Bed

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What do you think about walker bed for the bedroom for your kids? Creating a walker bed design might be is not easy, but. Don’t you think it can be interesting? Here, we have some ideas about making a walker bed design for kids.

The first thing that you need to do is about making the basic design. Make the frame with size 2X4 with 1/2″ MDF top. Trust me, it can make everything easier because it can be the most fundamental point. Then, we must prepare the legs, right? The basic legs have the same size. 2X4. The legs also act as a stairs that can bring the kids to the topside of the bed. After the basic farming is done, we continue it by making the neck.

What should we do after that? It’s time to make the other part of the bed like as the body and head. For the body, we can combine some parts by using 1/4″ Masonite, 1/2″ MDF & Plywood Circles, 1/2″ MDF detailing, and 1-1/2″ PVC from the down the center.

And, the head is made from 1X3 Framing, 1/4″ Masonite skin, 1/2″ Florist Foam Circles, Florist Foam Carving Details, and PVC Cannons. Don’t forget to giving some details to the head. You can play with your creativity here. Then, after all of them are finished, just next thing to do is coloring them.

You can see that it has some hidden storage spaces under the stairs because actually the stairs also act as shelves to keep some stuff. You can also give a small window so you can check the kids. Normally, this awesome walker bed can be finished in 6-1/2 weeks, with only 60 hours of work. So, this is not that difficult to do, right?

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