Mesmerizing Villa Design – Storingavika

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Comfortable Sink Space With The Black And White And The Glass Totally Delivers A Cozy Sink Room

Villa Storingavika is a mesmerizing residence both in its design and its surroundings. Positioned in the Bergen archipelago, in Norway, this lovely villa promises beauty right from the entrance. This truly magnificent villa design, crafted by Saunders Architecture, is perfectly harmonized with the natural surrounding of the area. The rocky hillside that borders the Storingavika area, filled with greenery powerfully emphasizes the natural vibe.

The best features of this villa design are the wide lawn, the stone hallway and the warm black wooden terrace. The outdoor is created in such a manner to take advantage of the nearby lake. Villa Storingavika offers a majestic view. The glass and dark stained wood materials used to build it provide the perfect ambiance to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The interior of this villa is projected in a white space with cool stained wooden ceilings. It looks serene. The interior has a minimalist style creating a clean and cozy space. The black seat with the black arch lamp and the fireplace cater the residents’ needs for a modern and comfy seating place. The different hues, between the ceiling and the floor, enhance the interior details, adding warmth.

On the second floor there is a balcony with glass fences and white beams. The black wooden walls, the sleek wooden-yellow partitions, the white beams and the white stone fences fabulously unify the décor with the green surrounding and the blue sky. This villa design is perfect for an unforgettable Norway experience so don’t hesitate to book a vacation here. And don’t forget to share your experience!

Cool Detail Of Villa Storingavika Of The Outside View With The Black And Yellow Wooden Walls With The White Beams

Magnificent Design Of The Exterior Storingavika Clad In Blue Sky Color With The Green Landscape Perfectly Incredible

The Best Uniformity Of Villa Storingavika's Exterior Showcasing The Charming Lake Scenery With The Some Trees And The Warm Dark Stained Walls With The Glass Wall

The Presence On How This Breathtaking Villa Storingavika Is Designed With The Exposing The First And Second Storey Of The Villa

Welcoming And Compact Living Area With The Minimalist Style Interior Housing The Plush Black Sofa With A Black Arch Lamp And The  Fireplace

Gallery of Mesmerizing Villa Design – Storingavika
Magnificent design of the exterior Storingavika clad in blue sky color with the green landscape perfectly incredible
The presence on how this breathtaking Villa Storingavika is designed with the exposing the first and second storey of the Villa
Comfortable sink space with the black and white and the glass totally delivers a cozy sink room
Welcoming and compact living area with the minimalist style interior housing the plush black sofa with a black arch lamp and the  fireplace
Cool detail of Villa Storingavika of the outside view with the black and yellow wooden walls with the white beams
The best uniformity of Villa Storingavika's exterior showcasing the charming lake scenery with the some trees and the warm dark stained walls with the glass wall

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