Mezzanine Staircase Concept for a fabulous House

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Mezzanine House Studio By Studioata

The mezzanine is an old concept that is applied in many modern houses, and it’s very useful when you need more space in a small sized house. To create this incredible concept, in a vivacious way, the first thing you need to consider is the type of house you have. The next step is to create a gorgeous place in one side of your house by utilizing the available small space. These pictures will help you create a stunning mezzanine.

You can create it vertically when you have a soaring ceiling. This kind of design will create an extensive mezzanine and make it exclusive. Use a thick glass as a partition to make it spacious. Or, floor it with wooden partitions to create a rustic, durable ambience.

The key aspect when you’re creating a mezzanine is the staircase. There are many staircase designs available to choose from. You can use a simple, straight staircase design, or you can choose a spiral shaped staircase. A spiral staircase is a brilliant choice if you want to make your house look more luxurious.

A mezzanine can be utilized in many ways, as a comfortable reading place or as a relaxing and stylish spot, all you need to do is add some unique chairs.

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