Minimalist Desk with The X Legs

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Adjustable Minimalist Desk

If you are asking to me about the perfect combination of furniture for a modern home, I will say that the minimalist one can be the best. The same thing can also be applied when you are looking for a new table for your office or might be you have any ideas to change your old work desk. Just like what we can see, the super simple design of this type of furniture is so adaptable. Even so, I think the modern design is the real hometown of the minimalist desk because it can seem beautiful and perfect when both of them are standing together.

This super stylish and simple design, this Xtable will be the thing that will catch every attention of the guest who comes in your space. This table is a table project that created by KiBiSi and specially created for a brand Holmris. This project is created as a reflection of the modernity with the unique style without any additional details. The simple legs are created in X shape. That design makes the Xtable comes adaptable to be placed in many kids of room theme. The overall design and combination between the color and design result a very outstanding project with the elegant and modern appearance. And, this table is so flexible too because you can change the height based on your need. Interesting, right? Don’t you think that this Xtable can be a new trend in the future?

This minimalist desk is created with the modern Eco friendly system that doesn’t need the additional electricity. In arranging or changing the height, the manual kinetic power is available. The overall design of this table are using the old principle from Carjacks that has been applied in many other projects before. Very interesting, right? And, for me that is another point of this adjustable minimalist desk.

Adjustable Minimalist Desk Design

Xtable Adjustable Minimalist Desk

Xtable Adjustable Minimalist Desk Design

Xtable Adjustable Minimalist Desk Details

Xtable Adjustable Minimalist Desk Function

Gallery of Minimalist Desk with The X Legs

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