Minimalist Mattress with The United Table

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Bed Desk Flat Frame For Minimalist Mattress

Having small bedroom with the modern arrangement means you need to think harder about the maximize the space that combined with the minimalist mattress without too much accent. The flexibility minimalist on mattress zone can also help you fix this big problem. And, these minimalist bedroom mattress floor has more than it, it also brings the style and function in the same time.

This pretty furniture is coming from Manada. Created with the style of Germany in one side featured with the Mexican taste in the other side, this minimalist mattress covers two function. The first one is as a common bed, but it also brings you a functional table behind it. This bed has a modern simple table that united with the bed in the backside of this cute furniture. So, you can just put some stuff here, beginning from lamps, books, and other utilities. The creator here has prepared the best place for them.

The Bed 42 is created in modern simple and minimalist style without any accent. The bed is characterized as the mattress floor without any legs to hold the bed. Added with the minimalist table behind it, it is not only about the style, but also the simplicity. The Bed 42 comes with the dark brown color with the super simple form. This bed seems so perfect to be combined with the modern bedroom arrangement. Very stylish.

From the official web page of Manada, we can know that this awesome bed design can successfully bring this design studio to win the Interior Innovation Award 2012 from German Design Council. Their creativity with combining the bed and table in one functional product can bring a new flexibility in your bedroom. They try to show us about the meaning of flexibility by using the daily equipment.

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