Mirror Design Gives Wider Illusion

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Amazing Design Of Powder Room In Woman Apartment

There are two apartments that equipped for both men and women. The apartment designed by a visualizer, Andrev Volkov, is giving a minimalist scheme of the living room and provides warmth through the wooden walls. Low hanging pendant lights will provide additional design.

An old-fashioned kitchen flanked with wood facing each other. There are golden light that can create an elegant side and luxury room. Luxurious bedrooms which are on one side of the headboard wall horizontally and glossy black can make the room look wider. Mirrored closet doors will also make the room look wider because of mirrored closet door. Foot of the bed where there is a dividing wall which together with the footboard. This creates a double door on each side of the bed.

The second apartment is designed for a young woman, according to Skripkin Elena, there are some print in a palette of red, black, and white. Patterned tiles for dining room and cooking area. Gold pendant lights adorn the ceiling and brick tile mirrors add to the decor on the walls. In the kitchen there is an illustration of antique cutlery on the wall and make the room more unique than others. The bedroom is cool and comfortable.

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