Modern and Simple Solid Modular Lowboard

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Concrete Locker Magazine Rack Solid Modular Lowboard

There are so many things that we can do to make an awesome creation. Many materials are available and we can just pick which one is the best material for our project. Wood might be common to be used in making furniture. But, when we are talking about concrete, it will be very weird because it is very unusual to use that material. But, this might be can bring the uniqueness because we can break the rule about the wood material. This is the thing that has done by the creator of this shocking project. Just take a look at these pictures of solid modular lowboard and you will understand about the uniqueness that I am talking about.

Thorax is created by designer Rafael Cichy and coming with the modern and minimalist concept. This lowboard is created from the concrete material with its natural grey color. The material that used in this project is very suitable and can support the main theme of this furniture. The grey as the main color that has been chosen also can represent the modernity and the flexibility that becomes the main theme of this project. The lowboard is made with the simple accent with the strong rows. It is so simple without the other else accent. Very minimalist and unique.

This lowboard can be a good way to make a storage area in your modern home. This stuff can also be used as a place to placing your TV in one side and the books and another things in the other side. You don’t have to worry about the strength. The concrete is known with its strength and durability. And, its accent can also make your space come prettier and because it has an awesome shape that can also act as decorating item. So, do you like this original concrete lowboard design?

thorax from kompatibel design on Vimeo.

Concrete Locker Magazine Rack Solid Modular Lowboard

Original Concrete Lowboard Design Locker Magazine Rack

Original Solid Modular Lowboard By Rafael Cichy

Solid Modular Lowboard Concrete Locker Magazine Rack

Solid Modular Lowboard Concrete Locker Magazine Rack Design

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