Modern Bathboat for Your Amazing Bath Experience

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Bathboat Design By Wieki Somers

If you love the sea with the thing about it, I believe you will love these modern Bathboat too. Inspired by the sea atmosphere and the fisherman on their boat in the morning when they begin to catch the fish, finally the designer Wieki Somers from Netherlands creates an awesome creation of bathtub. This bathtub is unique because these Bathboat has the shape of the boat.

When he creates this cute thing, he imagines a comfortable place that can refresh his mind. And, honestly it can work with this bathtub. The unique form can make us feel like we are floating on the sea on the top of the wood boat.

Besides created with the boat shape, the bathboat is created with two combination color. The white and brown in the same time. It has the brown color of the oak tree in the outside and the pure and elegant white in the inside of the bathtub. This thing is one of the reason that can make this boat seems natural. Added with the four wood holders under it, it all makes it seems like the real boat on the sea. The faucet is placed in the edge of the side of the boat. I believe by bringing it in the middle of your bathroom and put some water inside it, you will get the unforgettable experience of bathing.

There are so many possibilities about this unique bathtub. I believe it can be a good main point in your bathroom especially for the bathroom with the rustic style or bring it to another place. It can also give a unique touch for your modern bathroom. Not only for the adult, the playful shape of this modern Bathboat ideas can also be placed in the bathroom of the kids. I believe they will love it because their imagination can run with it.

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