Modern Bright Apartment with Perfect Style

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Bright Apartment Design In Mexico

Ow, it’s our turn to bring you into this pretty modern apartment from MAP/MX. This New York based corporation has finally brought its wonderful creation of The P1 apartment. Takes place in Mexico City on the top floor of 10 level building, this awesome bright apartment will catch your attention easily with all of the things inside it.

The P1 has 6,458 square foot of size. Actually for me it is too big to be called apartment. With the pretty modern minimalist style. This apartment is a type of terrace home with a big access to enjoy surroundings. Well, just imagine what the thing you can get outside your windows if you are on the highest spot of a buiding. The city view is ready in front of you. And, the small garden is also created in the outside of the terrace to serve he green environment to the apartment.

The apartment can perfectly combined every space with the wood materials. Wood that has been used here can give the natural effect and warmness into the home. The wood is used everywhere. On the floor, shelves, and another furniture inside it. Mostly, it is created with the modern colors like as white, brown, and grey.

The big living room also has the same material. The wood and grey accent is dominant. It has a super big mirror walls in one side with the square grey frame. This area can be the best spot to enjoy the city view with the super big curtain. The sofa is so match with another thing around it.

The dining room dining area is created with the wood furniture. The table, seat, and bookshelves still use wood with its natural color. Combined with the pretty hanging lamps above the dining table, the modernity still so appear. The wood and perfect lighting in many spaces of this apartment can create the perfect spacious and bright apartment designs.

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