Modern Green Office Design with The Refreshing Look

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Cosmetic Room Green Office Design

Cheerful colors are always interesting to be explored. It gives so many inspirations for the designer to create an awesome creation in many shape and theme. Everything can be great if you know the way to apply it and combine it with another element of the space. I believe this is the thing that has be realized by the designer of this place. Here, they have broken the role about the cheerful color in office. Here, they make an office comes so interesting and not boring anymore. Just take a look at this green office design and I believe you will understand about playing with the color in a formal office space.

This design is specially created for Neo Derm Medical Aesthetic Center that takes place in the middle of Hong Kong. If you are attracted to know about the talented designer who create this awesome green office design, I think you should ask to Beige Design because this wonderful office idea is coming from their studio. They also use the modern theme for this office with the minimalist and trendy accent. The overall design uses the combination color between white that you can see in the roof and walls with the refreshing green color on the furniture and rug. There are not too many furniture that placed here. So, the final appearance of this office are so spacious and large. It seems like it has a lot of air for the employee to breathing inside this office.

This office also uses the glass accents that can be found on the windows behind the big white curtain. The glass accent is important for the modern home concept. The green accent on the space makes this office seems refreshing and, I believe it can bring the freshness for the employee during the work time. I believe, something like this can help them increase the creativity of the employee. I think the concept inside this modern green office is a good idea to make the cozy atmosphere for the employee, right?

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