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Do you wish to have nice home decor ideas? You may take it into your list for modern home decor ideas. Modern home decor is often considered stark and impersonal, but with just a few decorative touches it is easy to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Adding an organic motif to a modern room actually accentuates the straight lines and sharp angles popular in modernistic layouts. Follow the lead of smart designers and blend natural materials with metals and plastics to give a modern room an inviting yet impressive ambiance.

You can choose this Japanese Floor Lamps. However, to create an organic feel in a modern room design, place a Japanese floor lamp next to a chair or sofa to add a graceful touch to the severe lines of wood plank flooring or tiles. Zen floor lamps have tall pedestals topped with crisp geometric rice paper shades that emit soft golden pools of light. If you can find one, the original Akari freestanding lamps give a sense of &quote; imperfect beauty & quote; that creates an satisfying contrast to straight lines and angles used in many modern home decors. The long washi paper shades stretch to the floor in a flowing style that recreates the traditional Japanese fishing lanterns. Many imitations are available, but few have the delicate yet strong features found in the original Akari designs.

Then, you also have Polyurethane furniture. In cutting-edge modern furniture creations by designers like Stanislav Katz and Giovannetti incorporate polyurethane foam into their work to produce sleek, futuristic designs that combine function with modern art. The award winning " Console Bookshelf & quot; by Katz has a soft polyurethane bench built into a wooden bookcase and provides a whimsical focal point for a modern room. Since the 1960s, the Giovannetti design company has specialized in futuristic furniture by using polyurethane to craft chairs and sofas that resemble natural objects like sea shells, apple peels and even mimic the motion of wind. The highly pliable, high gloss qualities of polyurethane allow designers give a pop art twist to natural shapes, making them ideal for modern art decors.

Moreover, there is still area rugs that will give you accent in any bold colors or materials in a modern room decor with area rugs that highlight and enhance your basic design themes. Large rugs help break up the monotony of an expansive wooden or tile floor and do not need to be limited to square or rectangular shapes. Small throw rugs situated throughout the room can be used to bring the colors on decorations such as vases and artwork into the main theme of the room.

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